scan - 838- colors

…you’ve seen this before,
Now in wacom-colour!

– Ralfas said the story for this made it even more interesting, so… this was done on a Saturday morning in London, 2012, when I was coming back from (then) piano lessons. It still lives on the back of a very, very simple piece of music for piano, and the jitter of the line is me embracing the epileptic rocking of the Bakerloo Line. I also sketched the dog that was sitting on a lap opposite me. I should find that piece…

I am supposed to be getting better at colouring… got some big projects coming along and that just won’t do
So, some wacom tablet madness going on, after midnight, while listening to Real Genius in the background.

(I know that is a movie…)

– What are you doing?
– Self realization. I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates who said: “I drank what??”