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Life drawing sessions kids, are the best practice money (or not) can buy.

Can’t believe I just had my very first one only last… um, maybe I shouldn’t be sharing this very shameful fact. To be honest, I’ve been drawing people in hospital waiting rooms before I was probably born, like, in a little womb desk n all, but a real sat-down life drawing session; that was new.

These are from last Wednesday at OPEN, and I was gutted I was late. The second part which I actually got in time for, instead of properly lit, was in a dark room with a projection of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis on the model. So, many things were wrong with that, and even if I adore the guys at OPEN for doing this for us, it was a silly idea: Please don’t do it again. We couldn’t see what we were drawing, the model was not lit at all sometimes, and even when it was actually lit, it got weird stripes of black and white tones from a movie shot directly from behind us (most of us at least).

These are barely ok, but under the circumstances, I’d say I am happy.

So, now, since I figured out I like this…
Ladies (and gents?), I will cook food for poses.
I mean, I will bribe you with cuisine if you let me…
More like, I will gladly have a good light ready if you want to…

(…there is NO way to say this without sounding stalky, is there?)