Coastal road on a greek island

I keep having the same dream.

We drive on the coast, and we discover a beach we have never been to.
We know it should have been there forever, but for some reason none of us has ever seen it before.
We find a tall iron gate between towering brick walls, that is half open and even though the stone sculptures inside it call to us, we keep our eyes on the place we want to be; the beach.
We drive away without looking back and we are off to the place only George knows how to get to.
We know dad knows of all of these places but he wouldn’t get in the trouble of taking us there.
(We also know he really wants us to find them on our own)
We find the cove with the houses, all lit up and ready to wake up the night.
We are greeted with smiles and are let into the sea.
We swim with the phosphorus until the lights go out.

I keep having the same dream and then we wake up.