kid on elephant reading a book

If you’ve seen my flickr then you might have already seen this, but it’s one of Rob‘s favourites, so go nuts kids!
Original text:

now, this is the firSt of many sketches i have to upload, so, i’m nervous… (i have to make a set, and a “check tiT before you see taT” note… but i really need to get ready for a party now… so…)

the story:
I’m reading a great book (…of course Greg told me to, duh!) called “tHe haPPiness hyPothesis”.
in iT, there is a metaphor, i quote:
“…Buddha, for example, compared the mind to a wild elephant:
In days gone by this mind of mine used to stray wherever selfish desire or lust or pleasure would lead it. Today this mind does not stray and is under the harmony of control, even as a wild elephant is controlled by the trainer.”

the book is all about the rider and the elephant, how they are both your mind, about getting to know them, and (finally) learning to coach the lad, so he (or she) goes where you want him to.

today ,we looked in the same direction (um… it scarcely happens) and i did a sketch (…then, we started going our separate ways, as you can clearly see…)

♪ listening to “elePhant gUn” – beirut