No. Hello World is NOT my first post. And it is definitely not worth a bitwise operation if you haven’t written a line of code to produce that “Hello World”.

On another note: This is my first post in this blog, so very few people are going to actually read it. But it’s worth the bitwise operations to say a couple of things about the blog and the contents. I haven’t been blogging or posting for a long time, and I am happy that it happened as a necessity (sort of) rather than a yearning to share things online. Neverthe-whatever-less, I did start a weblog half a year ago, on a tumblr account (here) and “for a while, it was good“. I have no problems with my tumblr, and I am going to keep it up, but as the name implies, it is a service that promotes rebloggings and repostings, which was the opposite of what I wanted it to be. Still beautiful tho.

So, on this blog I will post my own stuff and I will start hitting the reblog button more frequently over at tUmblr.

(P.S.: now I have to post everything here as well… well… )